About Us

About Us

Victory Park Academy is dedicated to students who have experienced difficulties with their learning and behaviour in mainstream school. Our students are either at risk of being permanently excluded or have been permanently excluded. The great majority of learners have a history of disruptive education in mainstream schools with frequent fixed term exclusions.

Our vision is to support our young people to access and to continue in education as life-long learners, in an aspirational learning community that strive to enhance the life chances of its pupils from all backgrounds in a culture of ambition that enables them to be equipped with a passion for self-development and committed to the community within which they will live and work.



Victory Park Academy has provision for 45 pupils. A number of students have programmes that take place 'off site' at a variety of providers/venues around Southend and Essex.

When students first start at Victory Park Academy, they undergo a period of induction whilst we assess their needs and prepare an appropriate tailored programme of support. This includes putting together a personalised timetable, which will ensure each student can make the progress needed to succeed at either at VPA, in their next school or in further education or employment.  We also work closely with students and their families to ensure we all set aspirational academic targets in order to gain the necessary accreditation required for their next steps.  The main aim of all our Key stage 4 programmes is to enable students to be best prepared for their successful move into the world of training, further education or work-related-learning.


KS3 Short term

Places are available for pupils from mainstream schools who are experiencing difficulty in engaging in their learning and are beginning to exhibit disruptive behaviours that disrupt their own learning and the learning of others. The programme looks to meet pupils’ needs by providing a positive learning experience. Teaching effective strategies to modify pupils’ behaviour in school. Raising pupils’ confidence and self-esteem. Identifying issues for schools to address in order to maintain successful reintegration.

The programme includes academic and behavioural assessment. An 'academic strand' including Numeracy and Literacy. An 'emotional literacy strand' including strategies for coping in school, managing feelings, social skills and self-reflection.



Our pupils follow a broad and balanced curriculum and our learners have a range of extracurricular activities to enhance their learning. We pride ourselves on working on pupils’ behaviour for learning’ which enables learners to develop the skills they need to be engaged, motivated and successful. This is based on the relationship with self, others and curriculum and promotes positive learning behaviours in and outside the classroom.


AP Primary

We aim to reintegrate pupils back to mainstream primary school or support Primary Schools by providing high quality teaching and learning to those pupils who need short and medium term intervention. We provide additional nurture based education and advice and support for schools, parents and carers with and support in assessment of special educational needs providing support in the transfer to a specialist provision as soon as possible.