Welfare Fund

To ensure your child can do their best while at school, VPA Welfare team are here to support you and your child with any issues they are facing. This could include concerns about money, or support with family relationships.

VPA Welfare team will listen to you so that we understand the full picture, and then work with you to get a personalised plan in place.

Some of the aspect we can help with are:

  • Helping parents/carers work more closely with other staff at the academy including your Childs teachers
  • Actively engaging the family to access other useful services
  • Providing financial support through the VPA Welfare Fund to buy food voucher,

We are offering donation from our welfare fund max of £50 in vouchers.

Please apply using the referral form at the bottom of this page or by contacting Gill Lyons (glyons@victorypark.org.uk) should you need any support.

We work with you the parents/carers to equip you with the information and skills required to ensure your child is in school, ready to learn, helping the whole family get back on track.

We don’t just signpost families to other services, but actively support you to engage and make the most of every referral.

Providing fast, practical support to families in desperate need of essential items.

Should you require any help and support please contact the VPA welfare team.

This is our vision to help and support and break down barriers to learning.

Welfare Fund

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