LEAP (Learning Environment in an Alternative Provision) / STAG (Secondary Turn Around Group)

The STAG/LEAP is located on the first floor which in itself is a quieter area of the school, suitably distanced from the hustle of the main school, providing an ideal environment to support students.

We have a suite of rooms that are defined into purposeful areas for use, when supporting students within their time at school.

We aim to focus on three key areas: 

  • Co-regulation, to equip students with the tools for self-regulation
  • Specific interventions to support personal development
  • Adapted curriculum

The purpose is to:

  • Contributes to physical and mental health and well being, encouraging individual responsibility for health.
  • Contributes to the safety and protection of our children and young people, from staying safe online to understanding risks associated with drugs and alcohol and knowing the law surrounding these topics.
  • Contributes to the information young people need to help them develop healthy, nurturing relationships of all kinds, not just intimate relationships, and know boundaries within the law.
  • Promotes independence, resilience and responsibility preparing children and young people for future roles as parents, employees and leaders.
  • Supports employability by developing the personal and social skills demanded by commerce and industry.
  • Supports pupils to be critical consumers of information and develops the skills to identify misleading news or views on social media and elsewhere.


  • Pupils take part in a variety of subjects such as; Literacy,, Numeracy, Outdoor education, Food Technology, Combat academy, Personal Development, PSHE, Art, Occupational studies, Social skills and P.E.
  • Pupils’ learning is based around termly topic themes that are relevant and engaging. Topics are carefully chosen to meet the curriculum intent.
  • There is a heavy focus on personal development with passport activities planned weekly, weekly celebration assemblies, careers focused events and educational trips and visits. Pupils have the opportunity regularly to take part in cross curriculum events and whole school events to ensure inclusion within the academy.
  • Pupils are supported with a higher staff ratio and planned interventions such as; Fresh start, Lexia, Social skills, Lego Therapy, Animal therapy and access to the School Mentor.
  • Pupils are assessed on the ready to learn pathway and some are assessed for an EHCP
  • Pupils move on to their next stage of their educational life with confidence and resilience.
  • Pupils to engage in meaningful and safe friendships with their peers.
  • Pupils to become more independent and have a voice.
  • Pupils to be informed and involved in decision making regarding their future.


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