Nurture base model, which support the teaching of Maths, English and personal development skills to access learning. All pupils currently are in the EHCNA and their main area of need is SEMH.


Primary classroom model, supported by QFT, smaller class sizes, differentiation both academically and emotionally, managed transitions and consistent staff.


Nurture based model, with Primary and Secondary elements. Less transitions and curriculum focused on personal development and therapeutic subjects/interventions. Most are in different stages of the EHCNA and require wave 3 level of support.


12 week programme for pupils to develop coping strategies for their successful return to mainstream. Develop gaps in education and improve self-esteem and confidence.

KS3/ 4

Alternative provision for short term and long term pupils. Most KS3 pupils will either be moved back to mainstream or an alternative SEN provision. High level of pastoral support available for KS3 and KS4 pupils. All pupils fall under SEN (K) on the register. We teach the core academic subjects alongside vocational subjects to re-engage pupils back into learning.

We match the level of support to the student’s level of need. This matching is called our graduated

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