Victory Park Academy Rewards Schemes

Here at Victory Park Academy we have student rewards schemes that reward our pupils for their achievements & good behaviour. Please see below more details regarding our rewards schemes.


Primary are working towards three reward systems. The first is a weekly reward system where each child can earn star points for positive behaviour or excellent work. The student with the most star points at the end of the week wins a dip in the goody bag. The second is a collaborative reward system where each time a student works as part of a team they put a marble in the marble jar when the marble jar is full the whole class earns 15 minutes extra play time. The final reward scheme is our half termly reward scheme where the points will be collected from sleuth. When a student reaches 150 points they get a phone call home; 300 points is a special certificate; 450 points a dip in the goody bag; 600 points £5 voucher and 700 points is a half termly trip chosen by the students.


We have created a point based reward system for our pupils to track their progress and show case their efforts. B-Smart is our slogan, so this scheme will provide tangible proof of how hard each pupil is working and in return, what they are able to achieve throughout the 6 Terms at Victory Park. Our objective is to boost the self-esteem of our pupils and give them targets to work towards to help build their confidence further. The 4 level tier reward scheme, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum allows for every pupil to participate in this scheme and feel like a valuable member of the Academy. We have a variety of prizes ranging from being taken out for lunch, mini golf, base jump. We will also have some tailor made experiences to help keep the pupils engaged with the scheme!