At Victory Park Academy we recognise that pupil voice is an integral part of promoting pupil engagement and well being within the school. It is important that our students feel heard and valued, ensuring we make decisions in their best interests. This enables better communication between pupils and the school, improves relationships between pupils and teachers, increases pupil engagement and provides the right conditions for the school community to flourish.

Pupils are able to share their thoughts, suggestions and feedback via the following opportunities:

  • Becoming a member of the School Council.
  • Engaging in tutor time where School Council agenda items are discussed prior to the next meeting.
  • Write down ideas/feedback (with support of staff if required) and add to the “Ask it basket”.
  • Open afternoons.
  • Pupil profile target reviews with tutor.
  • Pupils are able to talk to any adult about their thoughts, wishes and feelings so feedback is also obtained informally during lessons/tutor time/1-1 keyworker time.

Below are the dates for pupil voice meetings during the current academic year.



Meeting Agenda


Autumn 1



2nd October




Autumn 2



21st November



Classrooms & accessing the curriculum


Spring 1



23rd January



Lunch Menu


Spring 2



19th March



School Activities & Uniform


Summer 1



14th May




End of term activities &

Consequences for behaviour



Summer 2



25th June



Electing New council Members &

Agenda Planning for next academic year.

Pupil Voice Meeting Minutes

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